Monday, April 14, 2014

Hot Cross Buns - a lightly spiced Easter bread that's easy to make

Hot Cross buns - a lightly spiced Easter bread that's easy to make
Hot cross buns: A soft-textured yeast dough made with eggs, this is special occasion bread and so simple to make. 
What’s an Easter count down without hot cross buns?

When I was little the excitement meter would rise about 10 notches the moment hot cross buns appeared on the kitchen counter. Mom saved them for the few days leading up to Easter so they really were part of the countdown.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mediterranean Lentils in Crispy Filo Dough

Mediterranean Lentils in Crispy Filo Dough
Mediterranean Lentils in Crispy Filo Dough makes a substantial and delicious vegetarian main dish meal.

Finding vegetarian main dish meals that are tasty and impressive is so easy. Just toss lentils and grains together with other tasty ingredients and you're good to go. We like to serve this to dinner guests over roasted tomatoes and zucchini.  

You can make the filling a day ahead for a speedier prep. And the filling will last in the fridge for a few days if you have leftovers that you’d like to use for pizza or lettuce wraps.

Don't let the list of ingredients deter you. This is an easy recipe to put together and can be adapted depending on the ingredients you have on hand. Basically just combine lentils, rice and mushrooms with other tasty ingredients and wrap it up.

Healthy (ish) Tahini Lentil Snack Cake

healthy tahini lentil snack cake
With lentils, tahini and whole grain flour this snack cake combines the nutritious with the delicious. It’s school-lunch-friendly too.
Sometimes I expect more from a cake. Sure, I want a cake that satisfies with just the right sweetness and texture. But sometimes I'd like a little more from my baking -- a little nutrition maybe, some substance, something that gives me the okay to pack it in my kids' lunch.

This healthy (ish) tahini lentil snack cake does it all.

This cake has a luscious crumb and richness from the tahini that you don’t get with nut butters or other seed butters. It’s almost guilt-free too since the sugar and butter is outweighed by nutritious ingredients like whole grain flour, old fashioned rolled oats, lentils and tahini.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Pasta Rustica with pasture raised turkey and three cheeses

pasta rustica  with pasture raised turkey and three cheeses
This three-cheese penne pasta recipe gets extra substance and flavour from pasture raised ground turkey.
When I was little we used to head away on a ski vacation to Maine for March Break. One year mom decided to stay put so it was just dad and the kids, which meant we were on our own for meals. I remember heading off to the grocery store en masse to buy groceries for the week and we happened upon something called Hamburger Helper. It seemed like a gift from heave at the time. We all loved mom’s hamburger soup and chow mein, and judging from the pictures on the packages this seemed to offer something similar, so we stocked up for the week and off we went. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

How To Find Wholesome Healthy Bread

How to find wholesome, healthy bread
Making your own bread from scratch is an easy way to ensure your bread is wholesome and healthy.

The term “You are what you eat” gained new meaning last month when an outspoken food blogger exposed some of the chemicals found in commercial bread.  She honed in on Subway for its use of a bread “conditioner” know as azodicarbonamide , a substance also used in yoga mats and shoe rubber.

The petition gained international attention and Subway has since announced that it will remove the substance from its bread.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Easy Wholegrain Flax Waffles

Easy wholegrain flax waffles
These easy wholegrain flax waffles are tender and flavourful

At one time there were at least six stovetop waffle irons in my family. Mom and Dad gave them to several of us one year for Christmas. It was a few years after we all got white terrycloth bathrobes as gifts and wandered around the house looking like we were guests at some sort of spa.
The waffle iron year was my family’s introduction to homemade waffles. We were a pancake family when I was growing up and real waffles always seemed exotic, which is funny considering I grew up in a house that actually had an ebelskivers pan.

Crunchy Pecan (or walnut) Bars with a wholegrain shortbread base

Pecan bars with a shortbread base and crunchy nut topping
With a shortbread-like base and crunchy topping these pecan bars are satisfying in a sweet, buttery way, with a good dose of nuts to make them feel a bit healthy.

Funny how times change. When we were little, staying at school for lunch was the biggest thrill. Normally we’d walk home for lunch, playing in puddles or rolling in ditches along the way. Somehow we’d get home in time to eat a good lunch and be back to school within the allotted time. 
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